Simple true about SEO

What should you know the true about SEO?


I used to share one simple rule with my customers when they ask me about SEO. I will show you with an easy explanation why nobody can put your site #1 in Google or other search engine.

Three things define your website’s position in a Search Engines:

A) Search engine’s algorithms. (How they work)
B) You network . (The websites that compete with you in the same query)
C) Your website.

This may sound too simple, but if someone promise you that your site can be listed in the 1st place for your industry ask him how will he make a change in A) and B) to manage the results.

You have full control of C, can build a huge presence on B and can know a lot about A but that’s not enough to manage the list of results.

In other hands, Google has been working agains this since the beginning and he has success on it.

An honest SEO will try to improve the index position of your site for the most important keywords or for “the keyword ” in your industry. Each industry has a main keyword that people use when they search on internet . You should start working on that because it would be the most rewarding keyword and it will increase your ROMI. Avoid make a huge list of keywords, you don’t need it.

True SEO services relay on 3 group of activities:

  1. Web development best practices (do the right thing on your site)
  2. Content generation (growth your contents)
  3. Internet presence (add as much as posible link to your site)

ONE and TWO affects C) and THREE affects B). As you can see there is no activity that can change A).

Work on these 3 activities at the same time involved big investments and time consuming. Each activity you perform will probably generate an improvement if you do it right.

Remember to work with the right metrics and reports to make it worth and know where you come, where you are and where you are going.

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