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Email Marketing for Increasing Repurchase Frequency

Isabella Naranjo - Author - Rednodo

Isabella Naranjo


This client's Email Marketing strategy was not achieving the expected results in terms of metrics and sales made. In turn, it implied a large cost of resources for their in-house team. Within two weeks of managing their emails, we doubled click-through rates while freeing their team to focus on core business activities. 



To achieve that goal, we implemented a series of changes in the client's email marketing strategy: our Communication and Design teams worked in synergy to optimize email communication, while the Marketing Automation team focused on the implementation of automated strategies to increase the scope of actions while minimizing management and implementation efforts. Also, they focused on cleaning and caring for the database to increase the brand's reputation and enhance its visibility.  

Within weeks, email clicks surged, and optimized measurement strategies delivered valuable insights to guide further client strategy development. 

The complement between on-going communication strategies and automated actions allowed the client to develop a consolidated email infrastructure to continue boosting its results. 



  •  We doubled the number of clicks received on your emails. 

  •  We achieve, on average, a conversion rate of 0.5% in their emails.  

  •  We implemented 3 automated workflows in the final instances of the marketing funnel. In other words, automated actions close to sales conversion. 



This client, within the field of gastronomy, sells high quality kitchen instruments. Their challenge in building customer loyalty lies in the low repurchase rate that their product has because it is durable over time. However, the email marketing strategy implemented contributes to customer loyalty as it builds bonds of trust with its audience. In the short term, this strategy contributed, along with others, to increase the frequency of repurchase of its customers. 

Isabella Naranjo - Author - Rednodo

Isabella Naranjo