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Is the conversion rate of your ecommerce low? abandoned cart strategies

Martín Colombo - Author - Rednodo

Martín Colombo

In recent years and especially during the new normal, eCommerce have experienced a peak in visits. However, the conversion rate remains relatively low. Digital commerce does not only imply getting leads to your website but getting those leads to become consumers. Is your eCommerce optimized to generate conversions? 

There can be various reasons why a potential consumer might not complete their purchase. Still, in the following article, we will focus on those actions that optimize your eCommerce to face abandoned carts.  

When abandoned carts are not included in your marketing funnel strategy, they become black holes where we lose leads. This could be due to a variety of factors, including changes in the final price for previously unincluded expenses, long shipping times, the vast competitiveness of the online world, poor user experience, and lack of customer support, among others. 

 Whatever the reason, there are some actions that we can include in our marketing strategy to win back the customer:  

Email marketing: marketing automation  
Contact the consumer, inform them that their cart is waiting for them and that an employee of your company will be available to answer any questions or inconveniences that arose during the purchase process. 

This email should be personalized and automated. How so? To maximize efficiency, use marketing automation tools that allow you to segment your target audience. The message has to be precise; it can include an image of the service or product the consumer was about to get and a CTA redirecting the consumer to their shopping cart. Be careful! We do not want to overwhelm the customer; so, sending an email when the cart is abandoned and another email a few days later is sufficient.  

Clarity of information  
Consumers value clarity and transparency in the information they receive and tend to feel misled by brands adding data at the last minute. Ideally, the customer should not use your assistance system. Instead, prepare product sheets; you can add a FAQ section, provide information on the cost of shipping, and assistance throughout the purchase process.  

Help your client save time. Reduce the number of steps in the purchase process: 3 or 4 steps should be more than enough to complete a purchase. Extensive processes can lead to the customer abandoning their purchase midway. Highlight your CTAs and provide the option to perform a Guest Check Out. Adapt your eCommerce to the mobile experience; nobody wants to have to zoom in on their phone to complete the required fields to finalize the purchase.  

Do you need help to optimize your eCommerce? Contact us! Our 66eCommerce team will help you improve your purchasing process, while our marketing team will develop the strategy that best suits your business.

Martín Colombo - Author - Rednodo

Martín Colombo