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You’ve probably already heard about Adobe Marketo Engage, recognized as “best in class.” This solution, designed for those who work in marketing or advertising, was acquired by Adobe in 2018 for the sum of 4.75 billion USD, marking a before and after in its Marketing Cloud trajectory. Adobe saw in Marketo a window to reinsert itself in B2B Marketing, and in this article, we tell you why it was a great decision.  

B2B relationships rely heavily on lead generation and management across various marketing channels. To find the right leads and connect them with the corresponding teams, companies are looking to rely on marketing automation platforms. Adobe, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learning mechanisms, provides an additional level of efficiency by increasing the number of relevant prospects and eliminating those who do not meet quality conditions. This platform offers various solutions according to needs and objectives: From business objectives, such as improving the customer experience; to marketing objectives, such as improving efficiency and ROI. This is why Adobe is the most chosen for end-to-end marketing.  

Thanks to its advanced software, this Marketing Automation tool is chosen because it allows companies to avoid repetition of processes, therefore, saving time and costs. With Adobe, companies can double the productivity of marketing teams and accelerate x4 the speed of campaign executions. They can build trusting relationships with business teams and individuals, by facilitating engagement analysis1. This allows you to manage and develop a commitment to the customer in different channels. This advantage aligns with the goal that drives the platform: to drive business sales, from 1.4x growth in revenue to a 1.7x increase in customer retention2. Likewise, Marketo Engage allows the user to analyze traffic to be able to measure and make reports of operational and strategic KPIs to monitor their campaigns.  

Now, how does the platform work? Its automation process is divided into phases. First, there is engagement with the client through the publication and promotion of created content. Second, it will “call capture” the software responsible for tracking all customer interactions to capture their information. Then, it goes to the phase of “nurturing” all active campaigns on the website and social networks, to finally enter the phase of establishing contact with promising users. This software also offers content personalization, powered by AI, which increases the efficiency of a campaign by up to 523%3; and user experience automation, since AI identifies the variables that influence customer behaviors, being able to increase by up to 255% 4 the average sales value. Usable in both B2B and B2C campaigns, this platform allows you to project the performance of your actions, being able to designate resources efficiently. It has been chosen by Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ as the leading platform in B2B automation compared to thirteen other platforms such as Oracle, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft. This is largely possible due to the large number of integrations offered by Adobe (over 500 across over twenty channels). From WordPress to ON24 or GoogleAdWords, this platform offers great scalability that allows the management of leads, AMB (Account-Based Marketing), and global sales. Another attribute recognized by Gartner is its global impact by having a user interface available in six languages with extensive support for documentation and training materials, and spreadsheets for creating landing pages, emails, and creating forms thanks to extensions such as Marketo Launchpoint and Adobe Exchange Marketplace.  

To sum up, one of its main benefits is the potential to assist companies to achieve an increase in their productivity and income. In figures, it has achieved conversion rates as high as 50%. Added to the increase in productivity by employees and therefore a higher ROI, Marketo is the most complete software in marketing automation, which explains how there are already more than 5000 entities worldwide that use it, especially5 Enterprise companies to increase their growth and income.  

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