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The traditional approach, when developing applications, is called monolith. In this system, all the parts that can be implemented are in that single application, which has certain disadvantages. The larger the app, the more difficult it is to solve problems and, in addition, it presents complications when quickly adding new functions. A microservice-based approach for the creation of applications helps solve this type of problem and promotes development and response capacity. Compared to monolithic applications, microservices are simpler to test, implement and update.

What are microservices?

Microservices represent a low-cost solution developed with a high level of programming and functionality. Microservice architecture is software development composed of a series of small services, running autonomously while communicating with each other.

What benefits do they present?

The interesting thing about microservices is that they eliminate or reduce the cost of development. The only cost is the implementation in our application or technology network.


Although the user has distributed costs, as each microservice requires a contract, the cost benefit is very high, not only because of the savings and speed they offer, but because they are much more powerful than a new development.


Microservice architecture is a very attractive solution, but it is advisable to understand its disadvantages. Microservices introduce complexity and require management. We must make a great effort in automatic deployments, monitoring, manage failures, data consistency, testing strategy and other factors introduced by distributed systems.


There are dedicated companies that provide integrations between service providers and others that offer services with a greater number of integrations. There are two options; One is based on the two applications communicating with each other, while the other alternative is to use a company that performs the integration, eliminating the need to hire a programmer to perform this activity since this service is offered by the same company.

In conclusion, microservices allow us to create modular applications, capable of working autonomously and being able to be reused efficiently. In addition, they allow us to optimize the use of our hardware, as they only deploy what is really necessary, instead of making complete monolithic applications.

We offer both services, developments and/or integrations, allowing us to adapt to our client’s specific needs.

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