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An MVP (minimum viable product) is a product that has the basic functionalities of the core business, with the main functions necessary to operate, without all the details of the final product.

The objective of this first version of a product is the possibility to quickly carry out tests to determine the steps to be followed and its viability. For example, on an eCommerce website, the MVP should have the essential functions: the products, allow the registration of users and the purchase process. Once this is in operation, we could move forward and add a space for product evaluation and the option to share them in social media or other functionalities that are convenient to improve the conversion and usability of the site. It is more efficient to identify the need at this point rather than in the planning stage. We can easily place wrong priorities or invest in secondary functionalities ahead of time.

It is common in developments, especially in functional websites or applications, to confuse the main objective of the product. In many cases, we plan excessively, and when the site is launched, we come across errors that affect its functionality. For this reason, it is recommended, whenever the business allows it, to launch a product that is not polished to see how it works and then make the necessary corrections taking the experience as a basis.

The main benefit of an MVP development is that you do not have the risk of meticulously developing a product only to discover that it does not meet the owner’s expectations. MVP development should be more economical and quicker. This differs drastically from the process of developing a product that, for its launch, requires having a higher level of functions due to the type of industry (medicine for example) or because once launched it is not possible to make corrections (Automotive for instance).

The key is to find the balance between wanting to launch a perfect product and at what point it is decided to launch the project, put it to the test and learn from the mistakes to reach the desired outcome. The idea is to understand the failures as positive learning and to apply them towards the development of a better product.

We like to think that an MVP product is the beginning of a product of excellence that is developed through a process of continuous innovation that allows us to differentiate ourselves and outperform the competition.

An MVP development will deliver a product of excellence that will allow you to differentiate and outperform the competition.

We like to think that an MVP is the beginning of a product of excellence that will be developed through a process of continuous innovation, allowing you to differentiate and outperform the competition.

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