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MVP Projects

An MVP (minimum viable product) is a product that has the basic functionalities of the core business, with the main functions necessary to operate, without all the details of the final product.

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a product with the basic functionalities of the core business, ready to take out to the market. The purpose is that early-adopters could try and test the offer and, based on their experience and feedback, to optimize it. The main goal is to work based on our consumer’s real needs.

For example, on an eCommerce website, the MVP should have the products, allow user registration and purchase. Once this is in operation, we could add special features for product evaluation and sharing products on social media, among other functionalities that could improve the site’s conversion rate and usability.

MVPs’ utility

MVPs allow testing our product to determine the steps in the developing stage. Usually, we lack complete information in a planning stage and could set the wrong priorities or invest in secondary functionalities before needing it. Moreover, it is common in developments, especially for functional websites or applications, to confuse the product’s primary objective. For those cases, MVP enables identifying the user’s main necessities and developing what is needed based on data. This helps minimize the first stage of investment and makes updates more manageable and cheaper to implement.

The key to success? Balance.

The key is finding the right balance between launching the perfect project and deciding to launch a project bound to the knowledge it generates to get to the optimal product. In the second scenario, one must understand mistakes as a means of generating progress.

For TeamRednodo, an MVP is the beginning of a product developed for reaching excellence. It is a product developed throughout a process of continuous innovation that allows differentiation from the competition.

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Increase your lead generation 3x or more
Lead Generation, Web Development


Our company recently had a significant improvement that increased the lead generation more than three times. That is why I thought it would be great to share our experience. Maybe we can start by trying to answer this question:

How many leads should I be getting per month as a minimum?

Probably, there is no right answer to that. A wise option could be to compare your leads to a benchmark composed of an average to your industry. But generally, that data is hard to find. While I was doing my research on this topic, I found some impressive numbers about conversion rate, but in my opinion, they were too high.

I, therefore, decided to define my own parameters. If you don’t get 20 leads per month in a B2B business and you are not selling nuclear reactors, you can probably do better! If you have a small business, I recommend trying to reach at least 2% conversion rate and 1K visits per month. An enterprise should get at least ten times more.

How could I increase the lead generation by 3 times or more?

The answer is quite simple: make your site look amazing! Improve it! Make it look good! Yes, people care about it!! In our case, our renewed website skyrocketed our lead generation up to three times!

Which website updates could I do?

In our case, we improved its design, included more images, more information, improved our branding image, mobile experience, and tried to do the best possible. However, that doesn’t mean we did a perfect job. We still have a lot of work to do, but we set the difference and saw immediate results.

Now, if you want to improve your conversion rate, take a look at your site and see what you can refine. Something useful is to compare it with your competitors’ and other industries’ sites and see if what you have now is the best you can have.