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Tips and Tricks for a successful webinar

This article will dive into a few ideas on how you can stay ahead of the game in order to be successful on a webinar, making sure that your audience stays engaged until the webinar is over while providing your company with quality information about the public.

  1. Call for action: When your audience is asked to be directly involved with something that is happening, the chance to capture their full attention increases. At the same time, It allows us to obtain relevant information about the attendants. An example would be: ¿Where are you from? Asking them to present themselves quickly. From the beginning, we are creating a bond with the audience.

  2. Be spontaneous: If we have a monotone speaker, the webinar will turn out to be monotonous as well. No matter how good the content is, we will struggle to engage the audience. Keeping them alert is important! Even though the speech is planned in advance, is vital to leave room for spontaneity. Ideas on how to do so: Do a giveaway, pick someone from the public and work with them 1 on 1, create an instant pull.

  3. Changes things up frequently: Studies show that our brains will start to get bored after a mere ten minutes, this is why we suggest to switch it up! Plan little breaks throughout the presentation to recapture the audience’s attention. This is how you can implement it: Invite a surprise speaker, Add a video or an interactive picture.

  4. Blow them away with a great slide deck: Nothing is more tedious than a boring set of PowerPoint slides. The idea is to create an attractive presentation to stimulate the interest.

  5. Comprehension checks: We recommend you to plan little breaks to check in with the spectators. This is a perfect way to leave room for interacting not having to wait for the end of the lecture.

The key to success is to get the audience to actively participate whilst acquiring valuable information of the attendees. It’s beneficial for any presentation to create a dynamic interaction that will boost the engagement level while broadcasting the right message.

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