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Why should you use a CRM?

The importance of using a CRM

A couple of weeks ago, I was having lunch with a customer and found out that he didn’t know about the importance of using a CRM program in his organization. I realized that many small business owners aren’t aware of what a CRM is, and the importance of having one.

If your company is well-organized with defined procedures, you are probably already using a CRM. You need a CRM to implement and develop an effective sales procedure. I would go further by saying that with a CRM, you will also be able to apply a marketing procedure, and even build a revenue marketing plan.
Defining procedures is a key for making any organization work. If you don’t have a sales or marketing procedure already defined, I suggest that you should start by building them, knowing that you will probably need a process for each department in your company. This will help your employees understand how they should work and better understand if they are doing it right, and define KPIs (Key Performance Indexes) to measure their performance.
The hard part of implementing a CRM and new processes is that this requires people to be flexible and willing to change, which is something that for many organizations is not that easy to achieve, but definitely something we should always be working on.

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