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Email Marketing for Increasing Repurchase Frequency

Jerónimo Andrés Sánchez - Author - Rednodo

Jerónimo Andrés Sánchez


The client needed to improve the performance of its e-Commerce to boost its positioning in organic search engines and increase its reach within a highly competitive industry: the clothing industry. 



To achieve that goal, we implemented a growth plan in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), optimizing the landing pages we strategically select to improve their positioning with strategically selected search terms. All this, taking care of and prioritizing the User Experience (UX) in the navigation of the online store. 

• We research keywords related to the industry and the product. 

• We analyze search potentialities for products. 

• We optimize the speed, content, and structure of the site. 

• We monitor the positioning of the landings and keywords daily. 

• We tracked +200 keywords. 

• We monitor competitors. 




 • We doubled the number of keywords with which the site appears in search engines organically and on the first page. 

 • We increased the number of users who visit the site by 80% per organic traffic, on average. 

 • We position the page for massive, industry-central search terms, increasing brand visibility in organic search engines by 200% 



This client, within the clothing sector, focuses on a young, highly digitized audience. Its products are locally produced, and in addition to marketing them in the Argentine market, it exports them to neighboring countries. They stand out for making quality clothing with innovation and design. Logically, they face big and small competition in the immense market. Thus, being part of the wide range of online clothing stores, it needed to enhance its digital marketing strategy with actions focused on the medium and long term that allow it to stand out and reach its target audience. 

Jerónimo Andrés Sánchez - Author - Rednodo

Jerónimo Andrés Sánchez