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A new website and a story of success

Martín Colombo - Author - Rednodo

Martín Colombo

Today we want to share a story of success. This year, Ser Argentino, a digital media dedicated to communicating about Argentina and its culture, decided to update its website to expand its functionalities and improve its user experience. 

The amount of work required was enormous. It demanded a team of seven experts among designers, layout designers, and programmers. It took us six months to take the final product online, and we will continue working on improvements and extensions of functionalities. 

At this point, you must be asking, “Well… Where’s the success on that?” Fair question, listen up! 

Our designers developed a new image for the site, they created 25 wireframes, desktop and mobile, and re-designed its iconographies, they also designed and generated user manuals. Regarding CMS, we laid out around 25 custom-made pages. Regarding its technology, we replaced WordPress for Laravel. 

And here comes the best part: We developed five types of widgets according to different content types. Each of them has custom functions according to its characteristics. We also extended its language options from English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese! All translations were done using Amazon AWS machine learning. 

There is more! Its homepage is now 100% manageable. We developed five types of layouts that the client could choose from. They can duplicate, move, and customize its look and content! And talking about content, also massive actions to modify and organize are allowed. 

We also developed functions that allow flowing communication between readers and authors. Each author has a profile where they can receive private messages from users (readers and other authors), and it works like a private chat room. Also, commenting on articles is easy now, and our clients can answer and administer them. The author gets a notification when receiving a new comment on his writing. This function facilitates the exchange of ideas. 

Last but not least, we enhanced its functions to measure the site’s results. By upgrading its tag system, we can now track the tags that are most used, how many clicks they get, and export that data for advertising campaigns. Also, articles can now be graded, giving every writer a total score that serves as an efficiency measure.  

We are still working on more updates and extensions. But for now, the speed of the site images, loading page, and organization of content have remarkably improved.  

If you find this interesting, stay tuned to know what actions we carry out regarding SEO and its marketplace. And if you want to know further about this work, contact us! 

Martín Colombo - Author - Rednodo

Martín Colombo