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Case Study / Success Story: Optimized system and design

Martín Colombo - Author - Rednodo

Martín Colombo

A new challenge:
At Rednodo, we understand that optimizing operations is extremely important. This is especially true regarding achieving the correct workflow at small companies. In cases where there is a lack of data control and organization of active documents, staff often find themselves doing repetitive tasks, which translates directly to an additional expenditure of money and resources.

We started devising an accounting loading system adapted to a medium-sized transportation company. Our team was able to develop this system within 4 to 5 months. In that time, it managed to achieve a high-performing level regarding the protection and backup of data. Its performance even aided in optimizing employee performance by 85%.

Developed with Lavarel, and integrated with Quickbook into the company’s bookkeeping system, our specialized Web & Support team managed to offer our client an efficient alternative to the ones available in the market. Unlike traditional options, which tend to collapse or even fail to perform due to their size, this system was explicitly designed to serve our client’s needs and respond to them.

Our teams aim to offer personalized and highly efficient strategies. Hence why they were able to develop a zero-error system. This system was designed to avoid mistakes when handling sensitive information, unlike manual work that cannot be automated or standardized.

Step by Step:
After reviewing our client’s needs, we decided the first step in the right direction was to install an efficient bookkeeping system and a helpful management system for bookings and solving clients’ queries regarding services and transactions.

Concerning the website, we wanted a functional and friendly one. To achieve the best possible outcome, we divided the process in two. In the first instance, our team tackled everything regarding design. While the design team worked on over ten screens using wireframes to develop a clear structure, the Web team worked on the booking and queries system plan. Developing over ten screens provides the client with a functioning and intelligent website that responds and adapts to different devices and is user-friendly.

To develop this efficient system, Lavarel was used to expedite the process. Besides helping accelerate development, this platform gives the website a higher level of security and performance. Another key benefit of this platform is that it offers multiple user benefits, like two-step authentication, thanks to its feed-forward control, as an additional security measure. Moreover, the website now has the power to block users with suspicious activity, administrate different profiles within the same account, and status check orders and reservations, among others.

Results optimization:
With a well-structured and easy usability, this system focuses on aiding employees avoid repetitive tasks and errors when handling their client’s confidential information. Developed with efficient and secure platforms such as Lavarel, this medium size transportation business has a system that can adapt to all devices and automate delicate functions such as billing, reservations, cancellations, and required documentation necessary for the development of their service. With this new enterprise resource planning system, this team of professionals is ready to help their customers with all the arrangements and logistics needed for domestic and international shipments.

Martín Colombo - Author - Rednodo

Martín Colombo